Parchment paper for writing letters

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The Best Surface To Write On Is Parchment

Like this article? Coconut octopuses are among the most intelligent invertebrates around: They use tools, carry their shelters around for when they need them, and, fittingly, adopt an underwater walking motion that's very similar to humans. Comment on this Story. Thus, we find references to a scribe of the city wall, who certainly would have the responsibility of registering the accounts of that construction site. Notice that this man was a butcher, which brings us to the skill of some tradesmen in terms of commercial accounting, which would have been very useful in their professions.

But we should also bear in mind that, especially in the larger trading centers of local power, alongside the local officials, whether continuously or sporadically, there were delegated officers of the Crown, who acted mostly in the peripheries, many of them even having their own scribes.

It is often difficult to tell whether these scribes were municipal or royal officials, since the appointments to certain offices were hotly contested between the royal and local authorities. For example, we know that Heitor de Teives managed to obtain a royal letter appointing him as scribe of orphans, Jews and sisas sales taxes. The 14th century also saw the emergence, in the municipalities, of the position of chancellor, who safeguarded and applied the seal of the councils. The position already existed in Porto in , and remained throughout the 14th and 15th centuries, as the records of proceedings show.

The books of revenues and expenses of the councils often show the amounts spent on these materials, adding references of greater interest. We know, for example, that Montemor-o-Novo, in the year , purchased three quires a quire is about 25 sheets of paper for books and letters, for 56 reais , one parchment skin for binding two books, for 7 reais , one wooden inkwell, for 80 reais , three pints of writing ink, for 30 reais , wax for seals, for 60 reais , and two desks, costing and 68 reais.

The dynamic trading city of Porto spent, in the year , on one ream of paper for three books, reais , and 17 some parchment skins for covering the books, 24 reais. The expenditure on writing materials, in the year , was even greater, consisting of reais to buy six quires of paper for books, two parchment skins to cover them, and also for their production.

It is also known that a canada of writing ink was purchased, for 40 reais. In the year , a ream of paper, which was to be used for writing the town council books, agreements and income and expenses, as well as to specifically be used by the officials, cost the council reais , 25 and three parchment skins for binding the books further increased the costs by 36 reais. Thus, the world of writing, and of the written texts, was revealed in the municipalities.

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Paper was bought to write council books, revenue and expense books, agreements, and various letters. Parchment skin was acquired to give them strong covers, so that the relatively perishable material, i. But skins were also bought to write registers of emphyteutic properties , whose information was meant to be long-lasting, as proof of assets and income. And as this was a costly material, parchment previously written on was even erased, so that it could be reused. Inkwells were purchased, and at the same time, obviously, the ink, which in the urban world was bought ready-made.

And to facilitate the act of writing, desks were purchased, an asset so coveted that they were sometimes even stolen.

The council scribes and notaries, called by the chamber officials, laboriously wrote ad-hoc documents of all kinds - powers of attorney, inquiries, confirmations, notes, libels, appeals, prisoner reports , permits, and copies of sentences - but also books. In the complex municipal writing of the 14th and 15th centuries, not only were isolated acts written, to facilitate the administrative, financial or judicial functions of the council, but also records, serial documents, and books that constitute true mini-archives.

At the beginning of each council year, as we see in Porto, paper was purchased to write the registration book of the minutes of the chamber, the revenues and expenditure of the year, and the local agreements, as the cost of parchment for this everyday, serial, voluminous writing was unaffordable. However, they wrote in books, not on loose sheets of paper, the longevity of which was reinforced by binding, to ensure the possibility of using them as the basis and proof of good governance, allowing for the possibility of appealing to them as a source and memory on governance duties.

The council books also contain series of information that reflect a new way of governing based on lists. From the beginning, names, patronymics, and sometimes even nicknames and professions of magistrates , officers and councilors who were present at the sessions were written down, thus making known the ruling elite. It is known that in the municipalities , at least since , with the introduction of the " lei dos pelouros ", regulating municipal elections , there are lists of the urban patriciate that were considered to be capable of performing the main municipal offices of judges, councilors, attorneys or chancellors.

In addition, this elite of the landowners, merchants and gentry, who never wanted to open up to artisans, far less to farmers, in order to be able to levy taxes on the price of food and products, controlled the other social bodies by listing them. From that time on , their names began to be recorded, one after the other, and with these written lists of professionals, it became possible for the town council to quickly check whether orders were being fulfilled, or who the transgressors were.

Power was transformed into an effective command, executed and liable to penalties if not complied with, and it became easier to find out and fine the transgressors. However, if the governors, beyond the writing of a current administration, needed a more lasting memory to ensure the rights and duties, they resorted to other mechanisms and did not hesitate to spend more money.

How To: Making an old fashioned letter

But, regardless of the supporting material, new property records are elaborated or older ones are copied, establishing a permanent memory of the council's assets and of its privileges and freedoms, so that these books became true written mini-archives of the council documentation. So, for their preservation, and to make them easier to handle, these writings are kept in chests, which were the main items of furniture of several medieval institutions, from the Estudo Geral the university to the municipalities. In the chest of the council of Montemor-o-Novo in , for example, there was a book of assets, a book of property taxes, a book of fines, 14 books of revenues and expenses and 13 council books, 2 books of attorneys which contained together council decisions and income and expenses, two sealed letters with resolutions of the Cortes, 67 sealed documents with wax and lead seals in a cloth bag, a royal permit, a charter, and 46 hospital books FONSECA, , p.

These letters would be summarized in a way that enabled them to be identified, making them readily available, and demonstrating their usefulness in the municipal governance, serving as proof and memory of privileges, exemptions, sentences, regulations, rules and provisions. A no less important aspect of these letters is that they testified the maturity of the municipal chancellery in the 14th century, as an issuing and receiving body, and as an archive in its own right, safeguarding the documents, which were carefully stored in cloth bags, accessible for consultation and identifiable through abstracting and archiving systems.

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Altogether, there are about 78 texts, one designated as a testament, most of them letters, some agreements, and few relating to privileges. It is detailed that some are in Latin, which would be proof of their antiquity, and one of them is described as "old". Some royal letters are indicated as validated with their seals, whether the royal seal of red wax, or the lead seal, affixed in a book of chapters and privileges of D.

The summaries of the documentation essentially report the subject matter, although in rare cases, they may also allude to the author - King, Infante, lord or council. As for the kings, D. Afonso is the only one mentioned, but without chronology, we cannot individualize.

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As documents produced in the municipal chancellery were also kept chapters of Cortes sent to the Infantes, certain letters on the measures of grain , wine and oil, 18 books and notebooks of past attorneys , and a "boracho" book, whose meaning is unknown, 38 but to which much importance was attributed, given that it was secured by a thin iron chain. What secrets could this manuscript contain?

We also add that together with these manuscripts and letters were preserved in the chest a big lock and a key, chains for prisoners , and an "old flag of cendall a thin transparent cloth , an ensign that was assumed to be one of the symbols of identity and representation of the council, together with its seal and the pelourinho a stone pillar symbolizing the judicial power of the municipality.

In fact, the chests were furniture that guarded the treasures, whether written treasures or certain assets, or even the treasury of coins, which were also kept in another council chest. These chests containing books and letters, usually locked with several keys that certain local council officers kept in their protection, 41 were the county's memory, the archives of its uses and customs, of its individuality and administration. They were its locus credibilis , granting all the strength and absolute legitimacy to the acts of the institution and its respective governors.

The perpetuity of writing offered them durability over time. In those times, however, they served to demarcate powers, to supervise and inspect, ensuring a power in exercise, capable of basing itself on records of administrative and judicial acts, registration of land and incomes, lists of men and women, or legislation, regulations and norms of various origins and natures.

It should be kept in mind, however, that alongside the important documents that were preserved and archived, the municipal chancellery also received and produced a much more abundant day-to-day documentation, which would be destroyed within a few years after it was no longer valid, and was considered as having no practical effects. This book writing for paper buy to where parchment succeeds because of my sexual desires which will be entering the map a tekno teatro.

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