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When we read your application, we look to see whether you are you simply regurgitating factoids from our website or if you have really spent time thinking about how you can take advantage of what we have to offer? In this short answer essay, you can tell us how you became interested in your major in the first place, why you think it would fit well with your strengths, how you would plan to use it after graduation…or even all of the above! The strongest short answer essays address both your interest in your major and your interest in USC.

But how do you know which major is right for you? We have over majors at USC, so you have a lot of choices! Where do you even begin to do your research? We are excited to announce Major Mondays coming soon to our social media channels.

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Through Major Mondays , we will explore majors that you might not have heard of before or that might easily be confused with other majors in order to help you find the best match for you. The websites and admission materials that our academic departments put out are great resources, as is coming to one of our on-campus Meet USC programs or off-campus Discover USC programs.

Thank you for devising helpful ways to aid uncertain students like me. I need to change it to Chemical Engineering. No worries!

They can make the change in the system. We encourage you to maximize your application by using each piece to show us more about yourself.

When you hit copy and paste, you are missing out on an opportunity. Hi, Mina! Hi, Carol! Switching majors after you are admitted is possible, but it is at the discretion of the academic departments. You will need to reach out to the department you are interested in joining to find out their policies. Do you have to join a specific academic school in order to attend USC? I want to enroll in the DPT Physical Therapy program after fulfilling all mt pre reqs classes and earning my bachelors in either biology or anatomy.

Would i be able to do this at USC? Hi, Gabrielle! Does USC admit by major? For example, if I were to declare my major as Engineering on my CommonApp, and was rejected by the College of Engineering, does that call for rejection from USC as a whole? I am still deciding on my major, and am considering engineering.

Would transferring to a different college, such as engineering, be difficult to do? Yes, USC admits by major, though we can admit students to second choice majors and even as undecided. The admission rate is virtually the same across our academic departments, so you apply to the program that most interests you. Is it more difficult to transfer to USC from another 4-year institution, as opposed to transferring from a community college? Also, is it recommended to transfer upon 1 or 2 years at your institution?

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Hi Hector, We have many students transferring from 4-year institutions, but it is generally easier at a community college to follow our recommendations there are no other requirements to contend with. Ultimately, it is up to you which is the better path. With the exception of our School of Cinematic Arts, we do not have a preference for whether students apply after one or two years.

Does major within the department matter in terms of admission competitiveness? Hi, Alex! Our majors have close to the same admit rate across the board things change a bit with each cycle, but generally they are quite close. You should apply to the major you wish to pursue.

Is there an option to apply undecided? And if so, will it hurt your chances of getting accepted in any way? Hi, Christy! Undecided can be your second choice, but you need to select a specific major for your first option. Hi, Luke! You have to choose a major, so you should pick the one you are most drawn to right now. Thank you. I was going to choose DLAS: Computer Science as a second major, but since I have chosen a very similar major in my first choice, do you suggest I go another direction instead in my second major?

Changing Majors & Competitive Majors

For example, I am also kind of into Engineering. Also, I noticed there are two extra short questions asked for a CS second major, would you take my response to those into consideration when evaluating me on my first major? Hi, Tommy! You should select the top two majors that most interest you. We will only consider the Computer Science short answers as part of a second choice major review.

Hi, can I still make corrections to my secondary major after submission? I accidentally chose environmental engineering, not environmental studies. Thank you so much. Hi, Seong! Yes, you can. You need to reach out to your USC counselor and ask them to make the change. If we applied for the merit scholarship deadline, should we qualify for the scholarships and receive our notification by the beginning of February, will that mean we are also accepted to our major i.

Hi Ethan, Students will be notified by the end of this month re: scholarship decisions.

Applying to a Specific Undergraduate College

If they are moving forward in the process, they will be invited to campus to interview. They will also receive a letter of admission that states which major they have been admitted to. Is there a way I can change my major since its now after the regular decision deadline? Hi, Armando!

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Not a problem. You need to reach out to your USC counselor to let them know of the change, and they can take care of it for you. I originally wanted to apply be a film major, but now I want to major in Public Relations. No need to worry, Mich! Hi, I want to study acting and also want to study Business of cinematic arts as I am very interested in the business aspect of the entertainment industry but I have to apply to marshal to be able to be considered for business of cinematic arts so is it possible that I get into marshal but get rejected from business business of cinematic arts program?

Hi, Shadmaan! You should apply to business as your first choice if you are interested in the BCA program. Only students who are admitted to business as a first choice major are invited to apply for BCA. Because it is an application only program, it is possible to get into Marshall but not be accepted into the BCA program.

How do I change my major?

My son had declared Computer Science as his major, but was admitted as Open. What are his chances to getting accepted into Computer Science. Hi, Sheshu! Congratulations to your son on his admission. I was admitted to USC for Spring in a business administration for my major. Hi, Oscar! Congratulations on your admission. That is a cohort-based program, so you would not be able to transfer into it.