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Questions are generally ambiguous and require interviewees to ask questions or make assumptions to make a reasonable, supported argument to their solutions. Candidates are expected to demonstrate reasoning rather than to produce the exact answer. A case interview can also be conducted as a group exercise.

Here several candidates are given some briefing materials on a business problem and asked to discuss and agree upon a solution. The interviewers normally sit around the exterior of the room as silent observers. They assess candidates' communication and interaction as well as analytical thinking and commercial awareness.

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Interviewers "red flag" candidates who try to dominate the conversation; consultants work in teams so it's important to be a team player. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Ernst Carl L. Management consulting Assurance services Audit Biotechnology consulting Economic consulting Engineering consulting Financial adviser Human resource consulting Information technology consulting Performance consulting Public sector consulting Risk and strategic consulting Tax advisor. Business operations case scenarios deal with the actual running of the business and are more complex than market-sizing questions or brainteasers. They require basic business knowledge and common sense, as well as clear and efficient thinking.

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Consultants like these questions because they allow them to see whether you understand fundamental issues related to running a business; for example:. Business operations questions require you to demonstrate a good grasp of business processes and an ability to sort through a pile of information and home in on the most important matters. Operations questions may have many potential answers.

Market-sizing scenarios require you to determine the size of a particular market for example, the total amount spent in Australia at the movies. Questions might be simple or complex, requiring you to analyse information to identify the issues.

Market-sizing scenarios may test your numerical and analytical skills, as well as your ability to use logic, creativity and common sense. Research the organisation and industry. Ask what case interview approach will be used, since this will vary between organisations. There are many online resources, some provided by consulting companies, which provide insight into the process and practice of case studies. Before the interview, be sure to practise using the resources provided below. Deliver your responses in a logical and orderly way.

Business models can offer a framework for organising information and thought processes. Take time to show how you analyse an unfamiliar problem before reaching a practical solution.

Case Interviewing Questions

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Your task is to: ask questions, to help you identify the main problems develop and present a framework for analysing the problems use the framework to come to a conclusion or recommendation. Approaches vary between companies, but you may be asked to: lead an interactive discussion about your approach and conclusions to a case develop a written response to a case, present your recommendations and lead a discussion respond to specific questions about a case study and provide recommendations.

What do employers assess?

Top 5 Case Study Interview Questions And Answers:

The employer is looking for skills and attributes such as: analytical and logical reasoning ability creativity numerical and verbal reasoning problem-solving ability organisational and time management ability to think quickly under pressure presentation and communication skills confidence, business acumen and professionalism. Types of questions Brain teasers Brain teasers are logic questions used to gauge your problem-solving skills. Role plays In a role play, you will be the consultant and the interviewer will be the client or manager. Graphic interpretation Graphic interpretation questions are used by strategy firms.

Case interview scenarios Business situations Business situations test how much general business knowledge you have and whether you can apply it to a common business problem. There are several types of business questions, including: profit and loss organisational structure implementation of new technology marketing scenarios. Business strategy Good business strategy questions tackle areas such as market sizing, logic puzzles, and multiple operations problems.

Types of questions

Common types of business strategy scenarios might involve: advising a client about an acquisition responding to a competitive move by another company in the industry evaluating opportunities for a new product introduction. Business operations Business operations case scenarios deal with the actual running of the business and are more complex than market-sizing questions or brainteasers. Market sizing Market-sizing scenarios require you to determine the size of a particular market for example, the total amount spent in Australia at the movies.