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May 5, at pm. May 6, at am. Geremew says. April 5, at pm. I just want to have teaching materials through my e-mail address. Pooja venkat Aguru says. July 12, at am. Hi Liz , In an essay which is asking for your opinion , where we have to agree or disagree…is it possible to be ambivalent about the topic. Thanks Pooja Aguru. Gupta says. September 9, at am. Please clarify I have heard the latest news is that we cannot use ,I ,my in essay is it true? Swati Mehra says.

December 14, at pm. Thank you for your efforts.

How to Give your Opinions in English?

Harry says. December 4, at am. Ashry says. December 9, at pm. December 10, at pm. All reading will improve your English language but it will not develop exam skills. Salma says. November 24, at pm.

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November 25, at pm. Nisha Therasa says. Seye says. November 17, at pm. Mariwan says. October 3, at pm.


October 4, at pm. Alex says. September 10, at pm.

Hi Liz! And what about the phrase: As far as I see it? Amar Preet says. Nataliya says. August 7, at am. Best regards, Nataliya. Vishal Agarwal says. June 29, at pm. June 30, at am. May 21, at am.

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Dear Liz, Thanks four your tremendous help! R says. March 23, at pm. Mego says. March 15, at pm. Is that ok to give my opinion using I or We? Many say yes, while others not I am lost really Thanks. March 16, at pm. Mirzo says. March 9, at am. Gulnar says.

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March 6, at pm. Thanks again. Rafsan says. January 22, at am. Can I express my opinion in Passive form? For example, It is agreed or other passive form.

January 16, at am. Thank You. January 16, at pm. Yulia says. Airin Nithikanlayasak says. November 29, at am. Sorry about my question, I was really confused. There is nothing wrong in using it.

Writing a Series of Paragraphs to Express an Opinion

November 19, at am. Mahwish says. September 28, at am. September 22, at pm. Bright says.