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Courses in Creative Writing. Effective writing days These short courses are held over three days usually 3 consecutive Fridays and aim to provide you with the skills needed to tell stories fiction or write for performance scriptwriting. Online courses in Creative Writing Study creative writing online to discover your inner writer.

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Creative Writing Summer School A three-week residential summer school offering specialist seminars for creative writers wishing to enhance their skills. Literature, creative writing and film studies Short, part-time and online courses in literature, creative writing and film studies at the University of Oxford. MSt in Creative Writing Degree programmes. Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing Degree programmes.

Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing For aspiring writers, the Diploma offers involvement in a wide range of literary projects over two years of focused part-time study. Chat to us. Who's getting places? Page 1 of 1. Go to first unread. Skip to page:. Daccarim93 Badges: 4.

Report Thread starter 6 months ago 1. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you study with the Open University. I intend to start studying English Lit and Creative Writing this October but don't know whether to study full time or part time. I'd love to hear about other's experiences studying with the OU so I can get a gist of what might be better for me.

Thank you in advance to any responders.

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Not what you're looking for? Report 6 months ago 2. Hi, I'm going to try and answer your question, but I have limited knowledge I'm looking to study Physics Astronomy and Planetary Science in October on a part time basis 60 credits a year. This is due to working full time. I also attempted a 60 credit Computing and IT module in and seriously underestimated the dedication needed and dropping out halfway through. What you really want to look at is how much time you can realistically devote to studying each week. Part time is hours a week, with full time being double that.

This needs to be on a consistent basis. It doesn't work if you juggle stuff so you have the time for a few weeks, and then have no time to study because you are playing catch up. Which ever you decide on in the end just know it doesn't have to remain that way. If you start part time in year one and decide that it's way too easy then you can switch to full time for year two and three. Try and plan how much time you could spend studying over the next month or two.

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You have plenty of time to decide. Good luck with your future studies though whatever you decide! Snufkin Universities Forum Helper. Badges: Report 6 months ago 3.

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I think doing the first third of the degree stage 1 credits full-time is very doable. After that, take a view. If you had a lot of free time and felt capable of doing more work then go ahead and do stage 2 full-time, if you felt you only just managed then revert to part-time. ZoeJ78 Badges: 1.

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Report 1 month ago 4. Some of the modules require less set text reading creative writing modules but my final module A Literature in Transition was the most intense in terms of reading. Only you will know what will work for you. I will say good luck - even if you complete it part-time over 6 years the time flys by. The tutors are exceptional and it is so worth it in the end. Quick Reply. Submit reply.

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