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After reading the prompt, map out your thesis statement, paragraph topic sentences, and supporting details and quotes in the order of their presentation. Then follow your plan faithfully. Be sure to leave time for a brief review to catch mechanical errors, missing words, or clarifications of an unclear thought. With time, an organized approach, and plenty of practice, earning a nine on the poetry analysis is manageable.

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Be sure to ask your teacher or consult other resources, like albert. Start your AP exam prep today. Learn anything through interactive practice with Albert. Be sure you have a clear thesis that includes the terms mentioned in the instructions, literary devices, tone, and meaning. Refer to characters by name. Use quotes — lots of them — to exemplify the elements and your argument points throughout the essay.

Fully explain or discuss how your examples support your thesis. A deeper, fuller, and more focused explanation of fewer elements is better than a shallow discussion of more elements shotgun approach.

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Avoid vague, general statements or merely summarizing the plot instead of clearly focusing on the prose passage itself. Use transitions to connect sentences and paragraphs. Write in the present tense with generally good grammar. Exam takers had to respond to the following instructions: Analyze the complex relationship between the two characters Hardy portrays in the passage. Pay attention to tone, word choice, and detail selection. Write a well-written essay.

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Start with a Succinct Introduction that Includes Your Thesis Statement The first sample essay A begins with a packed first sentence: the title of the work, author, named characters, and the subject alluded to in the prompt that will form the foundation of the upcoming argument — the strained relationship between father and daughter. Discussion is Crucial to Connect Your Quotes and Examples to Your Argument Points Rather than merely citing phrases and lines without explanation, as the C sample does, the A response spends time thoroughly discussing the meaning of the quoted words, phrases, and sentences used to exemplify their assertions.

So by the time the conclusion takes the reader home, the high-scoring writer has done all of the following: followed the prompt followed the propounded thesis statement and returned to it in the end provided a full discussion with examples included quotes proving each assertion used clear, grammatically correct sentences wrote paragraphs ordered by a thesis statement created topic sentences for each paragraph ensured each topic sentence furthered the ideas presented in the thesis statement Have a Plan and Follow it To get a nine on the prose analysis FRQ essay in the AP Literature and Composition exam, you should practice timed essays.

Good essays link the poems together in a logic and fluid way , using connective words and sentences like:. Also, remember to complete your points with the final piece of the sandwich, your concluding point that brings all of the preceding points made together. Finally, remember to offer your own personal response to the poems , explaining how they make you feel and what message you get from them. Much of the information above applies to your A Level assessment.

However, in your A Level exam, you may be asked to compare two unseen poems. These are just some of the things you should be aware of before you attempt your answer. Ensure that you start your essay with a clear introduction, setting out what you intend to focus on in your comparison. You might like to offer a brief outline, made up of a line or two, of each poem being discussed.

Some pupils find it easier to write their introduction at the end ensuring they leave themselves enough time , as then they have a clear idea of the journey on which their essay has gone. Unless stated otherwise, you should be writing about each poem evenly , so you should not spend ages writing about one poem then barely having time to cover the other s.

If your poetry essay only focuses on one of the poems, the examiner has to reduce your mark. This is particularly hard if you understand one poem better and feel more confident answering questions about it.

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Just like with the GCSE exam, it is vital that you conclude your thoughts after each point made and sum up the main points of the comparison clearly. To achieve the best possible grade, spend time revising poetry and practicing how to write strong conclusions as this is where many of the marks are made. Laura is a Francophile with a passion for literature and linguistics. She also loves skiing, cooking and painting.

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