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By the end of the day however, over two dozen students were injured and 12 students and a teacher were found dead. As the world was notified of horrifying events that were occurring in the Columbine high school, Rachel's parents joined other families frantically trying to get hold of the children. Their son, Craig, survived, but Rachel was shot and killed as she ate lunch outside with a friend. After her funeral, the family members began to find things that Rachel had written.

They realized that the girl was brutally honest with God in her writing. She expressed doubts about faith, but she never doubted God's sovereignty. Although people tried to make Rachel and some of the others out as saints, she was just as normal as everyone else. She had weaknesses, but instead of being crushed by the weaknesses, she took them to God and used them as learning experiences.

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Millions of viewers around the world watched Rachel's funeral, learning about her life and love of God. The public wrestled with the fact that evil could come to such a place, but those boys were not alone.

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In private, anonymous Internet chat rooms, many people identified with the feelings of anger and alienation that led the boys to their violent demonstration. Rachel knew about alienation and hurt, but she was able to share her feelings with God through her journals. Her method of fighting back against the evil in the world was using love and kindness. While she was living, Rachel had a passion for drama.

She connected with other students during a school play and missed some meetings at Breakthrough, a youth cell group she attended for spiritual renewal.

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The group believed strongly in prayer and meant a lot to her, according to her journals. After her death, Rachel's brother went to the meetings to heal. He determined to continue reaching out to others where his sister left off. Rachel's parents wanted to reach out to others as well.

Feeling that the tragic events occurred from a youthful generation that lacked moral and spiritual foundations, they took a message of kindness to the road. They traveled around the country, encouraging youth to begin a chain reaction of kindness. Their plans for attacking the school, recovered by investigators after the tragedy had taken place, evolved over one year's time.

In those plans, Klebold and Harris outlined a mission to kill as many students and faculty as possible. They would set off destructive bombs inside the school and then shoot any survivors trying to run out.

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Bombs inside their cars would explode later, killing law enforcement, fire or medical personnel responding to the scene. It seemed right to students who heard the first few shots that, as it was toward the end of the school year, prank day was finally upon them.

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But it wasn't a prank. Not when two hate-filled students, heavily armed with firearms and bombs, chose April 20, , as the day to attack and kill students and faculty at their school. She was killed that day having a great sense of faith in goodness. Some people thoroughly recognized that she was prepared for her death. The thing I admire the most about her was that she was seventeen when she died and she was willing to face her destiny that day.

She was strong in faith even as a child.

The Columbine High School shooting, April 20, 1999 - colorado mass shooting

She showed it by writing in her many journals throughout the years of her short life. I have gotten what I can. Thank you.

Her parents, after seeing it, believe that Rachel definately knew that she herself and 12 others were going to die fairly soon. On April 20, she was shot twice in the legs and once in the torso while was eating lunch.

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Harris and Kelbold left, only to return seconds later. It is apparent that Rachel lived her life loving others and being extremely loved by others. She was fun, goofy, dramatic Rachel was an easy person to love. Even though Rachel was my little sister I am the one looking up to her.

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And I remember her beautiful smile. Rachel had an inward motivation to accomplish as much as possible. Whenever she sensed an injustice being done to someone, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it was, indignation rose up within her. She was always ready to stand up for anyone who she felt was mistreated. Here's just one quick story: I remember one Halloween.

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I wore a Zorro costume to school, and I hated it because my mom made it and I felt pretty dorky. And Rachel came to me and said, 'What's wrong with you, Serge? I love Zorro. I like him.