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This was especially the case in the slaveholding Southern society, where even white women did not enjoy significantly better privileges than the slaves. Consequently, Louise Mallard, the main protagonist, feels liberated when her husband dies in a train accident. The death of her husband is symbolic to the collapse of patriarchy and its restrictions upon women, an eventuality that Chopin anticipated in her stories. It is only after the death of her husband that Mallard regains control over her life.

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She often portrays heroines who are at variance with societal norms in her quest to achieve autonomy for her female protagonists at a time when women were supposed to play subordinate roles to men. She is expected to display remorse for losing her man, the pillar of her life.

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However, the oppression that men represent compels her to celebrate inwardly rather than mourn. Her sense of freedom and new life is suggested by her anticipation for a future free of control by men. The reference to spring symbolizes the promise of new life. The death of her husband symbolizes the collapse of the chains of patriarchy that restricts her freedom. At a time when patriarchy held strong sway in defining gender relations, Chopin portrays heroines who long for the removal of men from their lives.

When she looks outside through the open window, Mallard sees clouds, birds, and people below in the street, and her spirit yearns for freedom; for the ungoverned life of the chirping birds and the unrestricted freedom of the soaring clouds. The gentle treatment she receives does not suggest a caring attitude towards men, but rather reflect the understanding that they were weak and could not deal with harsh realities, and were therefore treated like children. It is ironical that Mallard does not break down and starts mourning as it would have been expected of any woman in her situation.

Widowhood was considered as a vulnerable situation for women because men were recognized as the pillars of their lives. However, Chopin intentionally portrays a protagonist who welcomes the loneliness and vulnerability of widowhood chiefly to advocate for the independence of women in society.

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Chopin is making a strong statement that women can take care of themselves. After the sudden loss of her husband, Mrs. Mallard gets a taste of the freedom she was lacking in her marriage. Like Mrs. Mallard, women throughout history have struggled to find freedom and success away from their husbands.

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Chopin herself only became successful after the loss of her husband. Better Essays words 2. During the 18th century women had very little education. Schooling and work was left to the men; any intention of a woman attending school or earning an income was looked down upon. Such restraints forced women to take care of the house, children, and any religious obligations while men were absent working to provide for the household. For the wife, Louise Mallard, this was an awakening of a new life. This new life is cut short as the information that led her to believe this news turns our false.

Kate Chopin reveals that even the desire for love is trumped by the need for freedom and independence, through her use of precise diction and syntax, and symbolism They tried to find something or do something that would comfort them. In The Story of an Hour, the window is the main symbol. Correspondingly, in The Yellow Wallpaper, the wallpaper itself is the main symbol.

In The Story of an Hour, the window is what symbolizes Mrs. Free Essays words 1 pages.

go here She is given that chance, quite by accident, and the story tells of the hour in which this freedom is given her. The story is very short only two pages , so is interesting to look at as a minimalist piece of literature, and the surprise ending offers an opportunity to look at Chopin's use of foreshadowing. The story is very short, but every word has import in the story and each line has great depth of meaning Many large sites with our library is described as gently as emerging superpower crowdfunding report.

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