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National Service Scheme Cell: TEACHER'S DAY CELEBRATION

Remember to end the essay with a pledge to your teacher in becoming a model student and citizen as per the teachings and expectations of the teacher. After our parents, the most important role played is by teachers in the process of our learning about life around us, its significance and how we must use this knowledge to build a better world for the next generation. Teachers act as our friend, philosopher and guide through our growing years in school and in later years of young adulthood. They continue to impart higher levels of knowledge before we step out as adults ready to contribute to the world around us based on how what we have learned during our education period and applying that knowledge to the betterment of society and nation.

Dr Radhakrishnan was first and foremost a teacher and strongly believed in the role played by a teacher in building a strong nation.

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It is said that while he was President of India, some former students and friends approached Dr Radhakrishnan with a request to celebrate his birthday, which was 5 th September. Parents are the first teachers in our lives and impart the most important values of life from the day we are born, for learning remains a lifelong process.


However, once we begin attending school, the role of a teacher becomes very important, as a student looks up to the teacher for knowledge, guidance, and encouragement. A teacher understands that the development of every child is equally important and recognizes the responsibility and faith that a parent places on the teacher when a child is sent to school.

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The role of a teacher evolves as a student grows up. In primary school, a teacher has to play the role of an alternate parent with great care and understanding, as a child transitions from spending less time at home and more at school and also begins to learn and interact with other children.

Significance of 2nd May as a Teachers day in Bhutan

In middle school years, the teacher imparts important academic lessons along with moral and ethical values to students who are at a vulnerable age. In high school years, the teacher begins to treat students as young adults in preparing them for the next phase of their lives. Parents always remain as our first and last teachers, but the contribution of especially school teachers in our lives, is also invaluable and something that we must recognize and cherish all our lives.

Report Writing Format for Class 11th & 12th - CBSE Board Exam Report on Annual Day Celebration

It is never an easy task handling a class of students who come from different social, cultural, economic and religious backgrounds. In addition, varying learning abilities of students place a greater challenge to teachers who must adapt their roles while remaining within time and course parameters of the academic curriculum.

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A teacher, male or female, also has responsibilities at home and faces the same pressures that our parents face when at home. Despite this, teachers always appear cheerful and fresh as they begin each class every morning. As the speech concluded, the cultural program began which included a Bharatanatyam dance performance, a comedy skit presented by students of class VII, and a song thanking the teachers which was sung by students of class XI and XII.

Games were conducted for the teachers and prizes were distributed to the winners soon after the games concluded.

Teacher's Day Report

After the celebration, the students and teachers left for their respective classrooms where the celebrations continued. They sang songs, danced, and played games. At am, games between teachers and students commenced. The throwball match was won by the teachers, while the cricket match wrapped up with a tie.

At am, the students were let off, after which the occasion of Teachers Day was celebrated with the school management committee. The program was hosted by Sir Ivan Mascarenhas who instigated the program with a prayer song.